Highly limited art print

Cats almost seem otherworldly to me, hunting at night and always choosing their own direction. Yet, they are intertwined with humankind - an untamed piece of nature living among us, playing a part in our culture, beliefs and superstitions for thousands of years.

The convergence of nature and culture, unpredictability and control, has been my focus in choosing the pictures for this series. However, I willingly admit that part of my reasoning in working with and selecting these prints is more down-to-earth—I enjoy working with the soft lines of feline figures and the straight, hard lines that define the buildings.

I hope you'll enjoy!

THE CATS MEOW - Top of Mind
THE CATS MEOW - The omen
THE CATS MEOW - Cat/woman
THE CATS MEOW - The long way home
THE CATS MEOW - Listen, the Stars Are Singing
THE CATS MEOW - Urban Jungle
How long will my print take to arrive?

Please allow up to 2 weeks for your order to be dispatched, however, the majority of orders will be dispatched within a few days. You will receive tracking information the moment your order is dispatched.

How will my print be packaged?

For the UK, EU, and the rest of the world (ROW), items up to 42cm on the long edge (A3 size) are sent flat in an envelope, while anything larger is shipped rolled in a tube.

For the US, anything larger than 12"x16" will be sent in a tube. This policy helps ensure that items are shipped in the most appropriate and safe manner based on their size and destination.

Are these prints archival?

My fine art prints are designed to last, and are only printed on archival fine art papers using processes that maintain the details of my work. You will not be disappointed, the print is breathtaking and holds the highest details that are contained in the image.

What is the policy on returns?

My work is made to order, so we cannot accept returns. However if your print is damaged in transit, or in the very unlikely event that it arrives with a defect, we will replace it.

What if my print gets damaged in transit?

If a print gets damaged in transit we will replace it. We will ask for some images or video of the damage so we can supply this to the shipping service to cover the insurance.

How long will this print be available for?

Until July 8th, 2024 at midnight (CEST). I don’t know when or if these pieces will be available again.